January 20, 2017

The Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Long Game

Do you enjoy playing golf, but feel as though you don’t have any game? Are your drives down the fairway few and far in between? If so, then this is the perfect site for you. In this short article, you will be informed of the top five ways to improve your long game.

1. Practice, practice, practice

One of the most critical pieces of information you can hear about improving your long game is to practice. You are never going to get any better if you don’t get out there and play. Unfortunately, you are going to have to stink a little while before you make any headway, and that is perfectly okay. The more you practice, the better you will become. It’s as simple as that. Play nine holes by yourself and try a few new things out. Or go with a good friend who can give you some pointers, but whatever you do, practice, practice, practice!

2. Use the Proper Stance

A drive, just like a putt, all comes down to your position. If you are not holding your club correctly, your will never get any depth on the ball. The same goes for your form. If you are not bending your knees and relaxing your shoulders when you go to hit the ball, you will never have a great ball strike because your form is all wrong. Make sure to have an experienced golfer show you the correct stance to use when trying to perfect your long game.

3. Go to the Driving Range

A very useful tool you have at your disposal is to use the driving range. Not only will you get needed practice on your stance, swing, and follow through, but you will have the ability to watch what others are doing. Depending on what club you are at, they have professional golfers at the driving range to assist players with questions they may have on form, shots, and clubs. Take advantage of this and use their knowledge for your benefit.

4. Follow Through on Your Swing

A crucial mistake of beginning golfers is not to follow through once they have struck the ball. The momentum from the swing is what gives the ball the distance it needs on the fairway. If you are not following through on your swing, you are losing all the momentum from the swing, and your ball is only going to go a few yards out rather than halfway down the fairway. Make sure you are following through on your swing every time.

5. Be Confident and Have Fun

One of the things we often forget while golfing is to have fun! Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to have a perfect shot and just relax and enjoy being outdoors. If you relax and are not in constant demand for the perfect fairway drive, you will be much happier, more confident, and your drive will be spot on. Give it a shot!

As you can see, having a great long game takes hard work and dedication. If you want to improve your drives down the fairway, make sure to follow our advice on the top five ways to improve your long game. By doing so, you will hit the fairway every time and be on your way to a birdie or an eagle in no time!