May 31, 2016

Ocala Country Club stands out as a center of attraction for everyone and all who love the experience of a truly relaxing environment. Ocala Country Club’s18-hole championship course is an invitation to a real golf experience on a play range of 6.673 yards to 4,933 yards with broad open fairways and its own fair share of roughs. This golf venue is challenging but fun-packed on almost a daily basis all through the year.

What You Get

Ocala Country Club offers a healthy and relaxed environment for a wonderful golfing experience. When registered as a member, there are benefits and preferential tee times that you can benefit from as you enjoy the wide expanse of golfing sanctuary that you are presented with on this golfer’s paradise.

The golf course within the grounds of Ocala Country Club provides a pleasurable and affordable golfing to all members of the club, family members, guests and visitors of all description. As an active community, the aforementioned goals are ensured through the services of professional staff, that provide the utmost care and grooming needed to keep the course in good condition. There is a Pro Shop as well as a restaurant, which provides services with the courtesy and dignity that suits all patrons and guests.

Dining at Ocala Country Club

Apart from well-maintained golf facilities, amenities and other services, there is an opportunity to enjoy the most sumptuous dining experience at Ocala Country Club, and this is prepared to the highest degree of guest satisfaction. While there is already a variety of golfing activities, the care has been taken to also provide for an enjoyable time at the diner.

Every member of Ocala Country Club along with guests and visitors are guaranteed the best civility possible in addition to attention to detail. To make us a destination to be in the entire Ocala area, we are dedicated to fiscal responsibility and financial stability, which already forms the ethos of all we do.

Whether you care for a beautifully appointed dining room or the splendor of the outdoors, you have a chance to catch a good view of the resplendent golf course while you dine. Your friends can come along and enjoy a treat in this affable environment that provides a canvas for a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

An Invitation

The food and drinks are available all day with a variety of special-themed nights where you have the opportunity to enjoy the shared excitement with friends and family and enjoy the ambience of the 100 inches projection television system.

If you are looking to have an enjoyable next event and care for a classy environment around Ocala, then you can stop by today at Ocala Country Club to enjoy the royal treat members are already exposed to all year round.