Equipment, material, and contractors all arrived this month. Plywood was placed by the greens to protect the approach areas from the equipment traffic. All 19 greens have been stripped of the dead grass. After the top two inches of sod was stripped, the next task was digging out the next four inches of material and hauling the dirt away. What are those piles of dirt everywhere you say? They will be used as fill on other parts of the course.

All phases of the project remain on schedule. Current work includes removal of old green’s mix, tilling and smooth of the sub surface dirt, and reshaping of #4 & #7 greens. This week’s work will be the start of the re-fill utilizing the sand mix that has been piled in the parking lot. The contractor estimates that weather permitting, the new ‘Sprigs’ will start going down the first week of June.

#9 green tilled

#9 green being smoothed

Reshaping of #4 green

In addition, our Down to Earth crew have been busy aerifying the roughs (Fairways next week), filling bare areas (utilizing the old greens mix), and continuing with irrigation improvements.  Work will commence on the aerification and maintenance of the practice tee area. The driving range will remain open with areas modified for teeing purposes.