Work continues on the Greens Renovation. By the time this is published all the greens and the sod nursery will have been sprigged. The project had continued at a rapid pace all week. The sprigs and sod arrived on Thursday and, except for the much needed 2’ of rain, everything would have been finished.

The process was interesting to watch with sprigs arriving in the large boxes shown below. A box was taken to a particular green and spread by hand. The harrow/roller shown below, then punched the sprigs 2-3” into the fresh greens mix. The pallets of sod were used to fill areas around the approach to the greens and in spots where the greens were reshaped.  Everyone who has been watching has said what an outstanding job they have done.

Now we wait. Nothing worse than watching grass grow, maybe watching paint dry. During the waiting period a lot of work still must be performed. Things like fertilization and topdressing will be occurring all summer. Eventually the new grass will be cut, and they will start looking like a green. Patience!! Our DTE crew will continue the process of maintaining the new greens, as well as the other projects which are still in the planning stages.

A few days ago, this parking lot was filled with sand.

#14 and Practice Green – Sprigging Process

#18 after sprigging

As a reminder,  NO ONE should be on the Golf Course except workers and Golf Staff. The exception to this is the 3 people who have a MARSHALL Flag like the one pictured below. Also, please do not walk out on the driving range to retrieve balls or hit them backwards up the range. This could result in an injury or accident.