July 29, 2016

Golf Better This Upcoming Winter with the Right Preparation

It is natural to think of golf as a warm weather game. If asked to picture a golf course, most people instantly imagine rolling green hills, beautiful sunshine, and tanned older gentlemen shooting across the greens in motorized buggies. Yet, what happens if you live in a state that is not lucky enough to have all year round sun like the Ocala golf courses in Florida?

Should you stick to practicing your swing during the months of the year when the weather is most clement and retreat indoors when the temperatures drop? Or, should you dig out your hardiest waterproof jacket and head out onto the green anyway? Is it even possible to play golf in cold conditions? Well, this guide to golfing in the winter should help you find out.

Know Your Limits

If you are going to head out for play in the winter, you need to be realistic. You cannot go swanning onto the range like you are at an Ocala golf club in Florida – check the weather forecast first and find out whether there could be rain. Whilst you can just about play golf in mildly windy conditions, put the wind and the rain together and you are out for the count.

Keep the Hands Cozy

In many ways, this is the most vital piece of advice when it comes to winter golf. You can get back to an Ocala golf club such as SummerGlen Golf Course and the T-shirt and shorts weather when spring is over – for now, if you are going to play, you must keep your hands protected from the cold. You do not have to keep gloves on whilst you swing or putt – it will make shots difficult – but certainly keep them on whilst you are moving between holes.

Try to Use More Club

You need to resist the temptation to let your ego do the talking and try to use more club in cold weather. The reason for this is that the ball will not move as far in cold temperatures. Once again, this is not like breezing through the Ocala golf courses in Florida, with the sun on your back, this is some tough practice. As the ball will not travel as far, you could think about playing one tee more than your typical length, particularly if you are used to playing in Ocala at SummerGlen Golf Course.

Know Why You Want To Play

If you are not fortunate enough to live in an all year round clement climate like they have in Florida, you are not going to be able to play in exactly the same way as they do out on the Ocala golf courses. So, it is important to know why you are still keen to get out there – if it is for a love of the game, go ahead. However, you should not force yourself to practice in winter if your heart is still yearning for the Ocala golf club greens.

Play with a Softer Ball

It could be time to switch out your Ocala golf club balls for a slightly softer set. Whilst standard golf balls do not come with compression grades any more, there are still some balls which are softer than others and they are better suited to cold weather swinging. If you stubbornly stick with a hard ball in the winter, it is going to feel like hacking away at a heavy ball bearing.