July 29, 2016

Golf Better This Upcoming Winter with the Right Preparation

It is natural to think of golf as a warm weather game. If asked to picture a golf course, most people instantly imagine rolling green hills, beautiful sunshine, and tanned older gentlemen shooting across the greens in motorized buggies. Yet, what happens if you live in a state that is not lucky enough to have all year round sun like the Ocala golf courses in Florida?

Should you stick to practicing your swing during the months of the year when the weather is most clement and retreat indoors when the temperatures drop? Or, should you dig out your hardiest waterproof jacket and head out onto the green anyway? Is it even possible to play golf in cold conditions? Well, this guide to golfing in the winter should help you find out.

Know Your Limits

If you are going to head out for play in the winter, you need to be realistic. You cannot go swanning onto the range like you are at an Ocala golf club in Florida – check the weather forecast first and find out whether there could be rain. Whilst you can just about play golf in mildly windy conditions, put the wind and the rain together and you are out for the count.

Keep the Hands Cozy

In many ways, this is the most vital piece of advice when it comes to winter golf. You can get back to an Ocala golf club such as SummerGlen Golf Course and the T-shirt and shorts weather when spring is over – for now, if you are going to play, you must keep your hands protected from the cold. You do not have to keep gloves on whilst you swing or putt – it will make shots difficult – but certainly keep them on whilst you are moving between holes.

Try to Use More Club

You need to resist the temptation to let your ego do the talking and try to use more club in cold weather. The reason for this is that the ball will not move as far in cold temperatures. Once again, this is not like breezing through the Ocala golf courses in Florida, with the sun on your back, this is some tough practice. As the ball will not travel as far, you could think about playing one tee more than your typical length, particularly if you are used to playing in Ocala at SummerGlen Golf Course.

Know Why You Want To Play

If you are not fortunate enough to live in an all year round clement climate like they have in Florida, you are not going to be able to play in exactly the same way as they do out on the Ocala golf courses. So, it is important to know why you are still keen to get out there – if it is for a love of the game, go ahead. However, you should not force yourself to practice in winter if your heart is still yearning for the Ocala golf club greens.

Play with a Softer Ball

It could be time to switch out your Ocala golf club balls for a slightly softer set. Whilst standard golf balls do not come with compression grades any more, there are still some balls which are softer than others and they are better suited to cold weather swinging. If you stubbornly stick with a hard ball in the winter, it is going to feel like hacking away at a heavy ball bearing.

June 15, 2016

It is a common mistake – usually made by novice golfers – to assume that the more you spend on a set or irons, the firmer the guarantee of success. Unfortunately, this is only true if the irons which you choose are suitable for your specific game and swing. In fact, as far as the pros are concerned, picking the right set of irons is like selecting a tailor-made suit. They should feel like they were created especially for you.

So, how should you go about picking your irons? Is it really necessarily to spend a lot of money or can you fake it and find sticks which fit your game on a budget? Well, there are four main steps to choosing a set of irons and we are going to discuss them today. Then, the next time that you head out on an Ocala golf club course, it can be with the perfect irons in hand.

Step One – Match the Iron to the Game

If you want to swing like a star on the Ocala golf courses, you need a set of irons which match your game. There are three key types of iron available; irons for players, irons for practice, and irons for intensive improvement. They generally match the basic levels of play, so player irons are for the most skilled golfers, intensive improvement irons are for novices, and practice irons are for golfers somewhere in the middle – observe your own game on one of the Ocala golf courses before you start browsing for irons.

Step Two – Lay Out Your Budget

The good news for players on a tight budget is that top quality irons tend to function a lot like cars. The very best are so highly valued that they can be sold on once a player decides to upgrade to newer models. So, you can get your hands on the finest irons, but you might need to settle for a second hand set. These hand me downs are usually in great condition and to be honest, who is going to notice when you are sinking holes on the Ocala golf club greens?

Step Three – Pick the Right Shaft Flex

At an Ocala golf club, the pace of play is what you make it. If you want to leave a winner, however, you need to be familiar with every tiny detail of your irons – how much they weigh, whether they have slight imperfections, how they react to wind, and more. It is also important to use the correct shaft flex. This refers to the amount of give or bend within the stick. The general rule of thumb is that the quicker your swing speed, the stiffer the shaft you need. If you are not sure, go for a little practice session on one of the Ocala golf courses.

Step Four – Try before You Buy

If possible, browse for new irons at a store which has a range or driving bays set up for test runs. It is very difficult, maybe impossible, to judge whether a set or irons is right for you just by picking them up and feeling the weight out of context. You really do need to observe how they connect with a ball and how they feel in your arms. Before you take your new clubs out to your favourite Ocala golf club, give them a test run first.

May 31, 2016

Ocala Country Club stands out as a center of attraction for everyone and all who love the experience of a truly relaxing environment. Ocala Country Club’s18-hole championship course is an invitation to a real golf experience on a play range of 6.673 yards to 4,933 yards with broad open fairways and its own fair share of roughs. This golf venue is challenging but fun-packed on almost a daily basis all through the year.

What You Get

Ocala Country Club offers a healthy and relaxed environment for a wonderful golfing experience. When registered as a member, there are benefits and preferential tee times that you can benefit from as you enjoy the wide expanse of golfing sanctuary that you are presented with on this golfer’s paradise.

The golf course within the grounds of Ocala Country Club provides a pleasurable and affordable golfing to all members of the club, family members, guests and visitors of all description. As an active community, the aforementioned goals are ensured through the services of professional staff, that provide the utmost care and grooming needed to keep the course in good condition. There is a Pro Shop as well as a restaurant, which provides services with the courtesy and dignity that suits all patrons and guests.

Dining at Ocala Country Club

Apart from well-maintained golf facilities, amenities and other services, there is an opportunity to enjoy the most sumptuous dining experience at Ocala Country Club, and this is prepared to the highest degree of guest satisfaction. While there is already a variety of golfing activities, the care has been taken to also provide for an enjoyable time at the diner.

Every member of Ocala Country Club along with guests and visitors are guaranteed the best civility possible in addition to attention to detail. To make us a destination to be in the entire Ocala area, we are dedicated to fiscal responsibility and financial stability, which already forms the ethos of all we do.

Whether you care for a beautifully appointed dining room or the splendor of the outdoors, you have a chance to catch a good view of the resplendent golf course while you dine. Your friends can come along and enjoy a treat in this affable environment that provides a canvas for a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

An Invitation

The food and drinks are available all day with a variety of special-themed nights where you have the opportunity to enjoy the shared excitement with friends and family and enjoy the ambience of the 100 inches projection television system.

If you are looking to have an enjoyable next event and care for a classy environment around Ocala, then you can stop by today at Ocala Country Club to enjoy the royal treat members are already exposed to all year round.

Whenever we have the chance for a getaway, the beach is always a special destination. The sensation of digging your toes into the warm sand or building sandcastles with children and realizing the surprising weight in the plastic bucket. Most people take pleasure in experiencing of playing with sand. That is, unless you are chipping out of a sand box while golfing. Concerning Ocala golf club golfers, sand boxes stir up anxiety and pressure.
But don’t fret, we are going to teach you tips and tricks to exit the bunker like a professional. After you have mastered these tricks, your friends or coworkers will wonder how you made it to the green with ease. With lower scores and higher confidence, these tips will help you out of sand traps and on to the green.

Keeping it Positive

As you know, golf is a mental game and you need to keep a positive mindset. To avoid psyching yourself out, the best approach is having a solid stance and controlled breathing. The trick is to slow down your breathing, avoid all distractions, and completely focus on making it to the green and you will exit the bunker successfully. Even if this is a longer process, your end goal is making it to the green by avoiding the bunker. Ocala Golf Club’s top quality golf management professionals will tell you the same advice, so acknowledge the guidance and make the shot every time.

Correct Positioning

Golfers should never neglect the benefit of smart ball placement. When the ball is precisely placed, your club has the potential to advance the sand up to three to five inches before and it will swing directly towards the green. If you are positioned some distance back, unfortunately, your club will have the tendency to be consumed by the sand and you will be stuck, losing a stroke. An effective strategy is to place the ball by utilizing your left (forward) underarm. This positioning will maneuver the club to hit the sand just before the base of your swing; leading to a successful chip onto the green of your next Ocala golf game.

The Right Aim

When visiting Ocala golf courses, do you ever observe many players attempting to exit the bunker by chipping at the sand itself? The goal of a bunker shot isn’t striking the sand, but jutting the ball out of the sand and onto the green. How can you achieve this? Direct your attention on the ball only and swing through the shot. When you swing through, sand will follow the ball out of the bunker. This is a great tip taught by the Ocala golf club management course.

Swing Big

If you purchased an Ocala golf club management session, the instructor would teach you the way to swing big enough to guarantee a single shot out of the bunker. The fact of the matter is, to chip through sand (which is rather hefty), your swing requires to be ¾ measured. Your follow- through needs to be as big as your backswing. The best way to succeed this? Practice. Practice. Practice. Want the best opportunity to perfect your game? Head out to Ocala golf club management and master exiting the bunker and landing on the green with confidence and ease.

February 18, 2016

Ocala is a town that is situated in Florida. It is also among those places where anybody can just go for any purpose. However, most of the visitors in this place visit for a business trip or a holiday. These visitors may also include retirees who want to have some serenity and peace. Other types of visitors are also honeymooners, corporate conferences, as well as families who are just looking for great time. Among the many different attractions in this area include Ocala golf courses.

What You Can Expect

Ocala is well known for its subtropical climate, as well as temperatures that can go as high as a maximum of 80 degrees Fahrenheit during summertime, and 70 degrees Fahrenheit during winter. What makes this place special is the fact that rainfall is very rare. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people visit this area and enjoy the different Ocala golf courses that are available. The city of Ocala is rightly blessed with an almost perfect weather all year round. As a result, it can offer all of its visitors, even residents a great collage of historic landmarks, natural beauty, as well as a diverse social and economic environment. As a result, you can expect pleasure, and of course, recreation brought about by the several Ocala golf courses that are available in the area.

Also, the surrounding farms of the city are known all over the world for their horse farms, lying in green terrains, and a whole lot more of interesting features. No wonder that Ocala golf courses are given a perfect backdrop with these wonderful sights all over the place. Aside from these features, the city is also popular for several other attractions which can attract a lot of families, outdoor enthusiasts as well as adventure fanatics. However, among the most preferred entertainment options are the Ocala golf courses that grace different locations all over the city.

Give It a Try

For individuals who really prefer going to an area that provides a healthy balance between modern developments and nature, there is no doubt that Ocala is a great destination of choice. Within the city, as well as certain surrounding areas, horse farms, crop lands, and of course, different Ocala golf courses offer an interesting experience, not just too permanent residents, but also to visitors who would like to have a great time while exploring the entire city of Ocala.

The city of Ocala went through development starting the 1970’s. Since then, a lot of Ocala golf courses have been developed in the area, attracting more and more visitors to this modern day paradise. If you are planning to go for an adventure trip soon, Ocala is a great option for you!