You might power a drive down the fairway as a thing of beauty and grace.

But if your short game doesn’t match your long game, your whole game suffers.

The short game is a lesson in finesse and control. With some practice, you’ll chip your way into mastering the short game.

We can’t promise you’ll land on the list of top short game golfers this year.

But, here are four tips that will immediately improve your short game in golf.


Keep a soft grip on the club when chipping. This helps release the tension in your forearms for a smoother stroke.

Then take your open stance, use your chipping swing–aiming for the back of the ball.

Practice this technique until it feels second nature to grip the club lightly when chipping toward the green.


Your left arm controls your chipping stroke. The stroke should begin with your left arm and wrist starting the action, rather than pulling with your right arm.

When it’s time, let the left arm also control the downswing. The left arm leads both the backswing and the downswing.

Keep your eyes glued to a dimple in the center of your ball. Aim for that spot when you connect your clubface to the ball.


The bump and run is a powerful shot to master. Use the ground as your friend.

Shoot over obstacles or overcome a bad lie with a simple bump shot that rolls across the green with ease.

Aim for a spot before the hole and let your ball hit that spot then roll toward the hole on the green. When swinging, position the ball toward the back in your stance.

Be sure of your angles, the speed of the green, and your club selection.

You don’t need a lot of loft with this shot. Control and precision are key.


Don’t rush your swing in the short game.

Your swing tempo should stay the same for your backswing as well as your downswing. A one-two count on the way up means a one-two count on the way down.

Use different tempos and speeds depending on your shot. You’ll develop different tempos that work best for different shot scenarios in your short game.

Find your rhythm and stick with it. Try a tempo app to try tempo suggestions for your shots.


Whether pitching, chipping or flopping your short game in golf, practice is your 1 step to better golf.

Repetition for muscle memory is the best way for a consistent swing every time your clubface strikes the golf ball.

When you’re ready to hit the links, find your best local Ocala golf course and play a round of golf with your new skills.

And be sure to take a friend along with you. There are many benefits to learning and improving your golf game with a friend. Plus, it’s more fun that way!

Golfing is a world-class and internationally enjoyed activity. Any self-respecting golfer knows they need their own set of clubs and balls, along with a collection of tees.

But what other golfing accessories should you throw in your bag? A water bottle maybe, but what else? We’ve got your guide in this article.


No, not the kind that angry mobs use. A pitch fork fixes divots you make when putting on the super sensitive green.

It’s common courtesy to fix your divot marks, but not everyone does. Don’t be the bad golfer that leaves divots to catch other peoples balls.

Using a pitch fork is easy. Stick the fork outside the divet your club made. Press inwards (not upwards) like you were pushing the underlying soil into the hole from the side.

Do this around the crater until you can no longer see the soil. Then use a finger or the end of the pitch fork to tap down anything that’s sticking up.

That’s it! Do your part and leave a better course for the person behind you.


If you watch any golf tournament, you’ll see small, white terry towels in everyone’s bags. They’re for cleaning dirty balls and keeping club grips dry in inclement weather.

Since you don’t have a caddy who takes care of everything between rounds, we suggest opting for a darker color towel. It won’t look as dirty as quickly as a white towel.

They’ll function the same, but you’ll have to wash it less and won’t walk around with embarrassing dirt marks. Don’t let everyone know you hit your ball into the muddy woods!


Rain happens on the course, but it’s not the end of your golf game. If you’re playing in summer, it’s likely the rain will end as quickly as it began.

Don’t get caught soaking wet without an umbrella. Keep a large umbrella in your golf bag to pull out when you need it.

We’re not talking about one of those small ones you keep in your car – get one that doesn’t fold up. It has a bigger coverage space and you’ll find somewhere to stick it in your bag.

When the rain is over, you can use your towel to dry off the excess so your bag doesn’t get wet.


If you’re playing at your home course and you know most of the people, you probably aren’t doing that much networking on the green.

However if you’re on vacation or playing at a big course – you never know who you can run into. Keeping business cards in your bag ensures you don’t miss out on an opportunity.


Even the best golfing accessories can’t help you if you’re on a badly managed course. That’s why you need to book your tee times at Summer Glen the next time you’re in Ocala and looking to play a round!

Golf is an incredibly popular game with over 23 million players in the United States alone. If you love golf – we mean, really love golf – you might want to play no matter what kind of weather is out there.

There’s many reasons you can find yourself playing golf in the rain: you made reservations at an exclusive club a long time ago or you’re getting together with a friend who’s only with you for a limited time.

No matter why you find yourself getting wet on the green, we’ve got five great tips to show you how to play golf in the rain.


Want to play golf in the rain on the regular? You need to keep dry.

It might be a little pricey up front, but it’s worth it to invest in a great rain suit.

Make sure it’s

  • lightweight
  • keeps you dry and cool at the same time
  • stretches and adjusts to your swing


On top of your rain suit, you can’t go wrong with a classic, sturdy umbrella.

Purchase one that’s got a large canopy. An umbrella with double layers that allows air to flow through it will keep it from turning inside out.

While this will add a bit of bulk to your bag, it’s a lifesaver when a sudden downpour catches other golfers by surprise.


No matter what kind of precautions you take playing golf in the rain, you’ll still get somewhat wet. Minimize damage by doubling up on the essentials.

For example, keep a second scorecard in your bag compartment in case your first gets completely soaked.

Besides buying clubs with grips that can handle the extra moisture, keep a spare glove in your bag, too. Having a good grip on your club is essential to a winning game.

Make sure you’ve got a spare set of clothes to change into when the game is over. What you do after golf is just as fun as playing the game.


Once you’re on the course, you’ll see that the water changes how you have to play.

There’s less run on wet greens, and you’ll find yourself putting a bit more firmly than you’re used to.

When playing on wet sand, your ball will tend to go a little farther than usual. Slow your tempo and close the face to create some dig.


Playing golf in the rain is a challenge. Whether or not you have a good time is up to you.

You’ll have to work for each shot and your scoring won’t be as good as it usually is. Lean into the challenge and enjoy the ride for a good time!


With these five tips, you’re ready to take on any course, no matter what the conditions!

That being said, please be careful playing golf in the rain. If there’s lightning on the course, head back to the clubhouse and call it a day. A full 5% of lightning-related deaths occur on a golf course.

Come join us at Summer Glen Golf Club and enjoy a great game of golf, rain or shine!


January 20, 2017

The Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Long Game

Do you enjoy playing golf, but feel as though you don’t have any game? Are your drives down the fairway few and far in between? If so, then this is the perfect site for you. In this short article, you will be informed of the top five ways to improve your long game.

1. Practice, practice, practice

One of the most critical pieces of information you can hear about improving your long game is to practice. You are never going to get any better if you don’t get out there and play. Unfortunately, you are going to have to stink a little while before you make any headway, and that is perfectly okay. The more you practice, the better you will become. It’s as simple as that. Play nine holes by yourself and try a few new things out. Or go with a good friend who can give you some pointers, but whatever you do, practice, practice, practice!

2. Use the Proper Stance

A drive, just like a putt, all comes down to your position. If you are not holding your club correctly, your will never get any depth on the ball. The same goes for your form. If you are not bending your knees and relaxing your shoulders when you go to hit the ball, you will never have a great ball strike because your form is all wrong. Make sure to have an experienced golfer show you the correct stance to use when trying to perfect your long game.

3. Go to the Driving Range

A very useful tool you have at your disposal is to use the driving range. Not only will you get needed practice on your stance, swing, and follow through, but you will have the ability to watch what others are doing. Depending on what club you are at, they have professional golfers at the driving range to assist players with questions they may have on form, shots, and clubs. Take advantage of this and use their knowledge for your benefit.

4. Follow Through on Your Swing

A crucial mistake of beginning golfers is not to follow through once they have struck the ball. The momentum from the swing is what gives the ball the distance it needs on the fairway. If you are not following through on your swing, you are losing all the momentum from the swing, and your ball is only going to go a few yards out rather than halfway down the fairway. Make sure you are following through on your swing every time.

5. Be Confident and Have Fun

One of the things we often forget while golfing is to have fun! Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to have a perfect shot and just relax and enjoy being outdoors. If you relax and are not in constant demand for the perfect fairway drive, you will be much happier, more confident, and your drive will be spot on. Give it a shot!

As you can see, having a great long game takes hard work and dedication. If you want to improve your drives down the fairway, make sure to follow our advice on the top five ways to improve your long game. By doing so, you will hit the fairway every time and be on your way to a birdie or an eagle in no time!

November 28, 2016

The 18-hole fairways of the Summer Glen Ocala located at the Country Club, were designed by renowned designers, Lorrie Viola, and Karl Litten. It was opened to the public in 2000 and is currently managed by Hampton Golf, under the direct supervision of Kris Mahoney.

Notable Things about the Summer Glen Ocala Golf Course:

One of the best features of the Ocala Golf Club, would be its strategic location. Convenient for people who live in the city, this golf course is ideal for seniors.

Facilities and amenities
Ocala Golf Club offers an extensive array of amenities. They have an in-house pro, driving range and rental carts. The restaurant also provides scrumptious delicacies that will give you a taste of the local flavor. You can even use Gimme Cards, to enjoy discounted offerings. There are plans to further improve the existing amenities and club house, despite its excellent service.

Manicured Greens
The fairways of the Glen Ocala Golf are well-maintained. Some portions of the greens are undergoing maintenance, but 90% of the course is in excellent condition.

Versatile Courses
The holes are another notable highlight of the Ocala Golf Club. The versatility of its design caters to both advanced and beginner golfers. Seasoned golfers will find it hard to resist the challenges that this course provides.

Top Notch Service
The staff of the Glen Ocala Golf Course are warm and friendly. They are always thinking of creative ways to improve the customer experience. Even the players that you will run into on the course are considerably friendly.

We absolutely recommend Summer Glen Ocala to anyone looking for an A-1 golfing experience and superior service. Call ahead to reserve your spot today.

October 12, 2016

Do you love playing golf out in the open air, overlooking the vastness of the green course and competing with precious company? If you do, then you will be pleased to find out more about Ocala golf courses. A genuine golfing experience that will fascinate you is unfolded before your eyes, and you can reach out to it right away. Imagine being able to schedule your tee times efficiently and enjoying the quality standards of a well-preserved place outdoors. This is what you can get out of joining a community that is oriented towards golf!

Why Should You Choose Ocala Golf Courses?

Villages golf allows you to evolve your talent and skills in playing golf, in an inspiring setting. Surrounded by nature, you will be able to appreciate every moment you spend out in the open, and you will get the chance to play golf in the best conditions available to you. As soon as you have subscribed to the community golf club, you will start enjoying its wonderful premises and wander through the courses on offer.

No matter if you are experienced in golf, or you are just beginning to learn, you will find the perfect place for practice in the area. Ensuring the highest level of satisfaction, the facilities are of top quality and are continuously improving. Golfing is a great way to fill your lungs with fresh air, as well as an excellent form of moderate workout. It is essential that you have the means to enjoy such a wonderful activity like you are entitled to.

What Can You Expect?

Besides full professionalism, at SummerGlen retirement community golf course you can expect to find a truly committed team of professionals aiming at your absolute satisfaction. Respect and responsibility compose the backbone of high-quality standards in personalized services, which is exactly what you deserve. The marvelous scenery with lush greenery all around makes your stay at the golf course even more pleasurable.

Apart from that, you can enjoy a hearty meal at the Grill. Unwind from the troubles and catch your breath in between golfing, tasting carefully prepared meals or grabbing something refreshing to drink. Have fun with your friends and meet new people, oriented towards your own hobby. It is a true delight to converse with others who share the same passion as you.

Feel free to join the community at SummerGlen and enjoy golfing to the maximum. You will find a quiet shelter, an idyllic retreat that allows you to do what you love the most, every single day!

September 29, 2016

SummerGlen is an extraordinary venue, to say the least. Among the average Florida retirement communities for golf, SummerGlen manages to stand out. This is mainly due to the fact that SummerGlen offers a variety of different opportunities besides golf and presents them to players in the best possible way.

Regardless of whether you are a professional golfer and want to spend a casual afternoon training or you are just taking your first steps, this particular Villages golf club is your go-to choice. It offers 18-holes of perfection which range from 6,673 yards from the Gold Championship tees to the 4,933 yards from the Red Ladies Tees. There are many open fairways and demanding roughs as the course offers challenging yet particularly fun experiences.

Fine Dining

The exquisite sites and the beautiful nature surrounding the SummerGlen Villages Golf club make it the perfect spot for fine dining. You can choose between the flawlessly appointed dining room or the screened, covered terrace which overlooks the magnificent golf club. What is more, even though this is a golf club, you don’t have to be a member to enjoy the meticulously prepared meals at our Grill. You can stop by anytime in order to spend some quality time with your friends while taking a bite of the best food in the region.

What is more, our Grill also provides a wide range of specialty nights and different themes for you to enjoy. Not to mention, we have a 100” projection television system which is aptly located allowing you to enjoy the game with your friends when it’s time.

Organizing Different Events

Take a step away from the big city and throw your next big party at our beautiful and appropriate venue. Would you like to host a moderate dinner party? Or maybe you have a larger celebration or a special event to plan? Regardless of your particular requirements, we will make sure that you have is thoroughly catered every single preference that to.

Our village golf club is amongst the most exquisite in the region, and boasts of a wide range of things to do. Apart from spending the day playing your favorite game of golf, you could also spend quality time with your family or friends, enjoying a perfectly prepared meal at our beautiful Grill. There’s nothing better than enjoying a great meal at a picturesque locale such as ours.

August 30, 2016

Florida is home to many, different clubs and retirement communities, but this Ocala golf club and retirement community is different from all the rest. The SummerGlen offers fun activities for everyone. This Ocala golf club is home to an 18-hole championship level golf course. There are courses from 6 yards to over 4,900 yards tees.

SummerGlen has open fairways, but the roughs are demanding. This makes the golf courses fun, but still challenging for all levels of players. The golf course is open most days, which makes it great to play and practice.

SummerGlen is a retirement community that is also an Ocala golf club, which is open to members, residents, visitors, and guests. Being a member or resident of SummerGlen allows you the preferred tee times. If you want to book your tee times, you can do so online, over the phone or at the SummerGlen golf club. The golfing experience at this Ocala golf club is relaxed and uncrowded, unlike most of the other local golf clubs. This makes living at SummerGlen a golfer’s paradise

There are also other benefits when are you a member or a resident of SummerGlen. The rates are also more affordable than other golf clubs and retirement communities in Florida. The cost of the homes in the SummerGlen retirement community range from in the $100’s to around $300K. This makes living in a beautiful home while being close to a golf course, available to most people.

Along with beautiful, affordable homes, and a championship golf course, there is also a restaurant at this Ocala golf club. The restaurant is the SummerGlen Grill which overlooks the golf course and is open to the public. You can eat in the lovely dining room of the SummerGlen Grill, or you can enjoy your meal outdoors. The lanai is covered and screened, so you don’t have to worry about the weather or bugs.

There are also special themed nights at the SummerGlen Grill, which make it a fun spot to be. There is also a 100 inch projected television system that makes the Grill the place to be on game night.

The SummerGlen golf club is becoming one of the best golf clubs in Ocala. They are always improving the golfing facilities, customer service and the amenities offered to achieve a very high level of customer satisfaction. SummerGlen strives to have a variety of golf activities that are enjoyable for all players and have dining alternatives for both members and guests of the club. Many of the residents of SummerGlen enjoy living very close to the golf course, and the benefits of being a member of the club. However, you do not have to be a member to enjoy the SummerGlen golf course.

July 29, 2016

Golf Better This Upcoming Winter with the Right Preparation

It is natural to think of golf as a warm weather game. If asked to picture a golf course, most people instantly imagine rolling green hills, beautiful sunshine, and tanned older gentlemen shooting across the greens in motorized buggies. Yet, what happens if you live in a state that is not lucky enough to have all year round sun like the Ocala golf courses in Florida?

Should you stick to practicing your swing during the months of the year when the weather is most clement and retreat indoors when the temperatures drop? Or, should you dig out your hardiest waterproof jacket and head out onto the green anyway? Is it even possible to play golf in cold conditions? Well, this guide to golfing in the winter should help you find out.

Know Your Limits

If you are going to head out for play in the winter, you need to be realistic. You cannot go swanning onto the range like you are at an Ocala golf club in Florida – check the weather forecast first and find out whether there could be rain. Whilst you can just about play golf in mildly windy conditions, put the wind and the rain together and you are out for the count.

Keep the Hands Cozy

In many ways, this is the most vital piece of advice when it comes to winter golf. You can get back to an Ocala golf club such as SummerGlen Golf Course and the T-shirt and shorts weather when spring is over – for now, if you are going to play, you must keep your hands protected from the cold. You do not have to keep gloves on whilst you swing or putt – it will make shots difficult – but certainly keep them on whilst you are moving between holes.

Try to Use More Club

You need to resist the temptation to let your ego do the talking and try to use more club in cold weather. The reason for this is that the ball will not move as far in cold temperatures. Once again, this is not like breezing through the Ocala golf courses in Florida, with the sun on your back, this is some tough practice. As the ball will not travel as far, you could think about playing one tee more than your typical length, particularly if you are used to playing in Ocala at SummerGlen Golf Course.

Know Why You Want To Play

If you are not fortunate enough to live in an all year round clement climate like they have in Florida, you are not going to be able to play in exactly the same way as they do out on the Ocala golf courses. So, it is important to know why you are still keen to get out there – if it is for a love of the game, go ahead. However, you should not force yourself to practice in winter if your heart is still yearning for the Ocala golf club greens.

Play with a Softer Ball

It could be time to switch out your Ocala golf club balls for a slightly softer set. Whilst standard golf balls do not come with compression grades any more, there are still some balls which are softer than others and they are better suited to cold weather swinging. If you stubbornly stick with a hard ball in the winter, it is going to feel like hacking away at a heavy ball bearing.

June 15, 2016

It is a common mistake – usually made by novice golfers – to assume that the more you spend on a set or irons, the firmer the guarantee of success. Unfortunately, this is only true if the irons which you choose are suitable for your specific game and swing. In fact, as far as the pros are concerned, picking the right set of irons is like selecting a tailor-made suit. They should feel like they were created especially for you.

So, how should you go about picking your irons? Is it really necessarily to spend a lot of money or can you fake it and find sticks which fit your game on a budget? Well, there are four main steps to choosing a set of irons and we are going to discuss them today. Then, the next time that you head out on an Ocala golf club course, it can be with the perfect irons in hand.

Step One – Match the Iron to the Game

If you want to swing like a star on the Ocala golf courses, you need a set of irons which match your game. There are three key types of iron available; irons for players, irons for practice, and irons for intensive improvement. They generally match the basic levels of play, so player irons are for the most skilled golfers, intensive improvement irons are for novices, and practice irons are for golfers somewhere in the middle – observe your own game on one of the Ocala golf courses before you start browsing for irons.

Step Two – Lay Out Your Budget

The good news for players on a tight budget is that top quality irons tend to function a lot like cars. The very best are so highly valued that they can be sold on once a player decides to upgrade to newer models. So, you can get your hands on the finest irons, but you might need to settle for a second hand set. These hand me downs are usually in great condition and to be honest, who is going to notice when you are sinking holes on the Ocala golf club greens?

Step Three – Pick the Right Shaft Flex

At an Ocala golf club, the pace of play is what you make it. If you want to leave a winner, however, you need to be familiar with every tiny detail of your irons – how much they weigh, whether they have slight imperfections, how they react to wind, and more. It is also important to use the correct shaft flex. This refers to the amount of give or bend within the stick. The general rule of thumb is that the quicker your swing speed, the stiffer the shaft you need. If you are not sure, go for a little practice session on one of the Ocala golf courses.

Step Four – Try before You Buy

If possible, browse for new irons at a store which has a range or driving bays set up for test runs. It is very difficult, maybe impossible, to judge whether a set or irons is right for you just by picking them up and feeling the weight out of context. You really do need to observe how they connect with a ball and how they feel in your arms. Before you take your new clubs out to your favourite Ocala golf club, give them a test run first.