4 Tips to exit the Bunker Like a pro

Whenever we have the chance for a getaway, the beach is always a special destination. The sensation of digging your toes into the warm sand or building sandcastles with children and realizing the surprising weight in the plastic bucket. Most people take pleasure in experiencing of playing with sand. That is, unless you are chipping out of a sand box while golfing. Concerning Ocala golf club golfers, sand boxes stir up anxiety and pressure.
But don’t fret, we are going to teach you tips and tricks to exit the bunker like a professional. After you have mastered these tricks, your friends or coworkers will wonder how you made it to the green with ease. With lower scores and higher confidence, these tips will help you out of sand traps and on to the green.

Keeping it Positive

As you know, golf is a mental game and you need to keep a positive mindset. To avoid psyching yourself out, the best approach is having a solid stance and controlled breathing. The trick is to slow down your breathing, avoid all distractions, and completely focus on making it to the green and you will exit the bunker successfully. Even if this is a longer process, your end goal is making it to the green by avoiding the bunker. Ocala Golf Club’s top quality golf management professionals will tell you the same advice, so acknowledge the guidance and make the shot every time.

Correct Positioning

Golfers should never neglect the benefit of smart ball placement. When the ball is precisely placed, your club has the potential to advance the sand up to three to five inches before and it will swing directly towards the green. If you are positioned some distance back, unfortunately, your club will have the tendency to be consumed by the sand and you will be stuck, losing a stroke. An effective strategy is to place the ball by utilizing your left (forward) underarm. This positioning will maneuver the club to hit the sand just before the base of your swing; leading to a successful chip onto the green of your next Ocala golf game.

The Right Aim

When visiting Ocala golf courses, do you ever observe many players attempting to exit the bunker by chipping at the sand itself? The goal of a bunker shot isn’t striking the sand, but jutting the ball out of the sand and onto the green. How can you achieve this? Direct your attention on the ball only and swing through the shot. When you swing through, sand will follow the ball out of the bunker. This is a great tip taught by the Ocala golf club management course.

Swing Big

If you purchased an Ocala golf club management session, the instructor would teach you the way to swing big enough to guarantee a single shot out of the bunker. The fact of the matter is, to chip through sand (which is rather hefty), your swing requires to be ¾ measured. Your follow- through needs to be as big as your backswing. The best way to succeed this? Practice. Practice. Practice. Want the best opportunity to perfect your game? Head out to Ocala golf club management and master exiting the bunker and landing on the green with confidence and ease.