4 Essential Accessories Every Diehard Golfer Needs

Golfing is a world-class and internationally enjoyed activity. Any self-respecting golfer knows they need their own set of clubs and balls, along with a collection of tees.

But what other golfing accessories should you throw in your bag? A water bottle maybe, but what else? We’ve got your guide in this article.


No, not the kind that angry mobs use. A pitch fork fixes divots you make when putting on the super sensitive green.

It’s common courtesy to fix your divot marks, but not everyone does. Don’t be the bad golfer that leaves divots to catch other peoples balls.

Using a pitch fork is easy. Stick the fork outside the divet your club made. Press inwards (not upwards) like you were pushing the underlying soil into the hole from the side.

Do this around the crater until you can no longer see the soil. Then use a finger or the end of the pitch fork to tap down anything that’s sticking up.

That’s it! Do your part and leave a better course for the person behind you.


If you watch any golf tournament, you’ll see small, white terry towels in everyone’s bags. They’re for cleaning dirty balls and keeping club grips dry in inclement weather.

Since you don’t have a caddy who takes care of everything between rounds, we suggest opting for a darker color towel. It won’t look as dirty as quickly as a white towel.

They’ll function the same, but you’ll have to wash it less and won’t walk around with embarrassing dirt marks. Don’t let everyone know you hit your ball into the muddy woods!


Rain happens on the course, but it’s not the end of your golf game. If you’re playing in summer, it’s likely the rain will end as quickly as it began.

Don’t get caught soaking wet without an umbrella. Keep a large umbrella in your golf bag to pull out when you need it.

We’re not talking about one of those small ones you keep in your car – get one that doesn’t fold up. It has a bigger coverage space and you’ll find somewhere to stick it in your bag.

When the rain is over, you can use your towel to dry off the excess so your bag doesn’t get wet.


If you’re playing at your home course and you know most of the people, you probably aren’t doing that much networking on the green.

However if you’re on vacation or playing at a big course – you never know who you can run into. Keeping business cards in your bag ensures you don’t miss out on an opportunity.


Even the best golfing accessories can’t help you if you’re on a badly managed course. That’s why you need to book your tee times at Summer Glen the next time you’re in Ocala and looking to play a round!